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The Solo System sauna delivers clinical-grade far-infrared heat that is proven to raise core body temperature and induce a deep, healthy sweat. By combining the gentle Solocarbon heating in the solo domes with the plush comfort of the SoloPad, the Solo System delivers 360⁰ surround heat - the hardest part is staying awake!

Sunlighten’s Solo System is a clinical grade patented Solocarbon® far-infrared sauna used extensively by clinics and thousands of individuals for a wide range of issues or as a preventative tool.

Combining Far Infrared Sauna with your Endermologie Treatments will significantly increase your results, we recommended to use Sauna after every Endermologie Treatment.


• Solocarbon® Far-infrared heaters
• Exclusive Solopad® & pillow
• Built-in Chromotherapy lighting
• Ultra-low EMF – negligible electromagnetic field emissions
• Modern Bamboo Carbon exterior, no synthetic materials
• Zone-based digital heater controls (upper & lower body)
• Memory foam for unsurpassed comfort
• Ergonomic shape conforms to your body
• Solocarbon heaters provide the most effective far infrared available

*Disclaimer : Results may vary from individual to individual. For maximum results combine healthy diet and light exercise with treatments.